The White House

The  address of American president is  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DS. It is  called the White House.

How old is it?

The first US president, George Washington, chose where to build the White House, but the second president , John Adams, was the first to live there. They started building it in 1791 and it took about eight years. It wasn´t white then, and it was just called „the President´s House.“ British soldiers burned most of the house during the War of 1812. Then the Americans built it again and painted it white.

How many rooms are there?

The White House is much bigger now than it was new. Now it has 6 floors and 132 rooms. There are 35 bathrooms, 16 bedrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 3 lifts, a cinema, a swimming pool, a basketball / tenis court and a bowling lane. The Oval Office, where the president works, is there, too.

Who lives in the White House today?

The 44th American president, Barack Obama, lives there now. He started living there in 2009.

Who will move into the White House in 2017?

There were two people trying to be the next president. Hillary Clinton already lived in the White House from 1993 to 2001 when she was First Lady (the president´s wife). The second person was Donald Trump, a very rich and famous man who was never a politician before. In November 2016 Donald Trump became a new American president. He will move to the White House in 2017.


Decide if the sentences are true or false:

1. Every US president has lived in the White House.                         .................

2. There was a fire at the White House 200 years ago.                       .................

3. The White House has always had 132 rooms.                                .................

4. It is possible to do sport at the White House.                                 .................

5. The White House was always white.                                             .................



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