Wales: It is a largely mountainous country. It is famous for its long rivers, wide lakes and high hills. People speak two official languages English and Welsh. The land of Wales is full of mystery and beauty. It is sometimes called the land of castles. Welsh people are known for their love of music and poetry. The University of Wales is the most prestigious university.


Scotland: It is a land of many special traditions, which cannot be found elsewhere in the world playing the pipes, quality tweeds, woollen knitwear, wearing kilts and Scottish whisky. People in Scotland are very proud of their culture and heritage. They speak various dialects of English. It is a country of hills, lakes, swift and deep valleys. The most famous lakes are Loch Lomond and Loch Ness where according to legend a mythical monster Nessie lives. There are four big cities – Glasgow, Edinburgh (capital of Scotland), Dundee and Aberdeen.


Northern Ireland: The capital is Belfast where we can find the Queen’s University. The city is the shopping, educational, commercial and entertainment centre of this part of the country. It is also an important port. There are many small farms producing pigs, cattle, milk and eggs. The population of Northern Ireland is Protestant and Catholic. The religious and economic problems of the people in Northern Ireland are still alive.


Republic of Ireland: Its population is about four million people who are mainly Catholics. The capital is Dublin.


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