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  • It is the second largest country in the world

  • It is bordered by the USA in the south, the Pacific Ocean and Alaska in the west, the Arctic Ocean in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the east.

  • There are a lot of lakes in some parts of Canada, e.g. Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Great Bear Lake

  • There are also a lot of rivers, e.g. St. Lawrence River, Columbia, Yukon

  • Canada is divided into seven regions, each with a very different landscape and climate:

The Pacific Coast – it has the most moderate climate

The Cordillera – there are the Rocky Mountains, the Coast Mountains and there are Canada´s highest peaks

The Prairies – there are the richest grain-producing regions

The Canadian Shield – it includes a huge inland sea called Hudson Bay

The Great Lakes – it contains Canada´s two largest cities Montreal and Toronto

The Atlantic Provinces – are the richest fishing areas in the world

The Arctic – it is no longer inaccessible, the winters are long, bitterly cold and dark

  • Ottawa is the capital

  • Other cities: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec

  • Official currency is Canadian dollar which has 100 cents

  • English and French are spoken languages

Political system

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, a federal state and parliamentary democracy with two official languages and two systems of law: civil law and common law. The Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. She is represented by the Governor General. The Parliament is composed of the Senate and the House of Commons.

Interesting places to visit:

Niagara Falls – the most popular tourist attraction, lie on the border between Canada and the USA, Canadian part of Niagara Falls is bigger than one in the USA

Montreal – is the world´s second largest French speaking city

Lake Louise – is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world

Quebec city – has the part called Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Toronto – is a trendy city with great entertainment, restaurants and several attractions

Commonwealth of Australia

(Austrálsky zväz)

  • is the world´s smallest continent situated between the Pacific and the Indian oceans

  • along the east coast there is the Great Barrier Reef which is the biggest coral reef on the Earth

  • Tasmania, Flinders Island are the nearest islands

  • The surface of Australia is mostly flat



The Great Western Plateau - there are 3 deserts in central Australia – the Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert and the Great Victoria Desert.