1. Choose the correct article the, zero article.

  1. People are interested in reading books. 0

  2. He lives in north-east of Slovakia. the

  3. Bratislava is in west of Slovakia. the

  4. How many times have you been to London? 0

  5. We saw Tower Bridge in London. 0

  1. Arrange the words in the correct order to make simple statements.

  1. is garden a wonderful this This is a wonderful garden.

  2. of lot a is he causing trouble He is causing a lot of trouble.

  3. bought me for tie a she She bought a tie for me.

  4. promised to finder a the reward she She promised a reward to the finder.

  1. Complete these expressions with on, in, at.

  1. 13 April on

  2. the evening in

  3. 2007 in

  4. the weekend at/on

  5. half past one at

  1. Write the opposites.

  1. hot cold E. dangerous safe, harmless

  2. short tall, long F. fat slim, thin

  3. dry wet G. ugly pretty, good-looking

  4. weak strong H. friendly unfriendly

  1. Write the past participle of the verbs. Example: to do, done

  1. to smell smelt/smelled E. to hold held

  2. to throw threw F. to feel felt

  3. to read read G. to give gave

  4. to set set H. to shine shone/shined

  1. Circle the odd word out. Example: four, eight, clock, twenty

  1. Maths, English, IT, computer computer

  2. teacher, student, homework, hand hand

  3. eye, trousers,leg, mouth trousers

  4. cheese, milk, meat, butter meat

  1. Rewrite these sentences using capital letters where neccessary.

  1. the united states capital is Washington, d.c., the seat of the legislative branch of government. The United States Capital is Washington, D.C., the seat of the legislative branch of government.

  2. harold wilson was the last labour prime minister before tony blaire.

Harold Wilson was the last Labour Prime Minister before Tony Blair.

  1. canada is the second largest country in the world.

Canada is the second largest country in the world.

  1. ottawa is the capital of canada.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

  1. Complete the lexical differences between British English and American English.

British English American English

  1. lift elevator (odpoved)

  2. lorry truck /odp.)

  3. flat apartment (odp.)

  4. shop (odp.) store

  5. trousers (odp.) pants

  6. chemist´s (odp.) drugstore

  1. SIMILES. Match the adjectives and the nouns to make phrases. Example: as blue as the sky

Adjectives: green, big, light, good, deep, dry, cold, white

Nouns: ice, gold, a feather, an elephant, a bone, the sea, grass, snow

  1. as green as grass E. as as deep as the sea

  2. as big as an elephant F. as dry as a bone

  3. as light as a feather G. as cold as ice

  4. as good as gold H. as white as snow

  1. Put sentences in the Present perfect.

  1. that film before? (you/see) Have you seen....

  2. for the English test. (he/not/study) He has not studied....

  3. to Slovakia? (you/ever/be) Have you ever been....

  4. the dishes yet. (she/not/wash) Have you washed....

Použitá literatúra:

Testy z anglického jazyka pre žiakov 9. ročníka základných škôl, Mária Kureková, druhé vydanie, Príroda, 2010.