Vypracovala: PaedDr. Ivana Dulová

    We should distinguish between sport and games. Sport includes physical activities in which people or teams play against each other and try to win. It also includes swimming, horse racing, climbing and athletics. Games are played between two people or two teams. A game is played according to a set of rules. There´s always the referee who decides who has won. The most popular games are football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball, baseball, tennis and golf.

    Sport can be divided into indoor and outdoor. Indoor sports can be practised all the year round but many of them such as cycling race, Mountaineering and most of aquatic sports like sailing, yachting, diving, wind-surfing and many others, depend on weather and therefore can be practised mostly in summer. For example swimming is a typical summer sport but it is possible to practise it all the year round in indoor pools. It includes breaststroke, backstroke, crawl and butterfly. Athletics is another typical indoor sport. It includes track and field events (Marathon race, long-distance run, cross-country run, relay-race) and sprinting events (hundred metre sprint, hurdle-race). Jumping and throwing are also athletic sports. Jumping includes high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole jump. Throwing includes hammer, discus, javelin, shot put. In winter sportsmen practise winter sports, such as skating, skiing, snow-boarding and tobogganing. Skiing includes giant slalom, downhill race or ski jumps. Skating can be divided into figure skating and speed skating.

    You can do sport as an amateur or a professional. Amateurs are people who love physical activity and they take part in a sport for their own enjoyment or interest. Most of them play their sport because they want to be fit and healthy. There are lots of people who go jogging or fishing, play basketball, or go to fitness centres and sports clubs after work every day. Doing sport is relaxing for them. It makes them happy and feel good.

    On the other hand, sport is a job for many people. It brings them pleasure, helps them to be more disciplined and rely on themselves. It is not easy to become a top sportsman. You have to start when you are a child and be prepared to work hard. You should train several times a day. You should give up nights out with your friends and have a healthy life>

   Another group of people involved in sport are the fans. Many of them are not interested in doing any physical activity regularly but love watching sporting events, either on TV or at the stadium. When there is an important sporting event, like a world championship, people go home or to the stadium to watch their favourite sportsman or their national team. At the stadium they usually carry their national or team flag and sing songs to support their team. The streets are almost empty.

    People living in Great Britain are really sport-loving people. Each of them is interested in at least one sport or game. Games such as football, rugby, golf and tennis originated in Britain.

   Cricket is considered to be typically English. The British love it but it is very difficult game for foreigners to understand.

    The most popular game is football but the British call it soccer. In Britain football is a winter game. The Cup Final is the most important football match of the year and it is played at Wembley Stadium near London.

   Rugby is a very old game. It is played with an oval ball. Hands and feet can also be used.

  Individual games are popular as well. Tennis is played on a grasscourt or a hard court. The best champions are played at Wimbledon every year. They are watched by thousands of spectators and TV viewers all over the world.

   Golf is considered to be typically Scotish. It is a very popoular game with the people of all ages. Great Britain has many beautiful golf-courses.

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