Planning a holiday

Read the text and decide which word A-D Best fits each gap 1-16.


Planning a holiday can be a very frustrating 1) ……. . Going off  on holiday is also a time of great excitement for all 2) ……. family. There are so many things to take into account when planning a holiday.  It often 3) ……. after a long period of discussion several months before, when for about three weeks every 4) ……. booklet and prospectus is 5) ……. up at the local travel agent’s. There are sometimes so many of these they need to be brought home in a 6) ……. bag. They are then gone through 7) ……. by one every evening for about three weeks. Places are chosen by the 8) ……. of the very attractive photographs and 9) ……. to location.  Everybody has their say, prices are 10) ……. and lists are made. Finally all it 11) ……. down to a choice of perhaps three places. It becomes almost impossible to 12) ……. two of these and 13) ……. what will certainly provide the family’s next holiday. But the miracle eventually 14) ……. place, and late one evening after much argument agreement is 15) …….  It is with a sigh of considerable 16) ……. that next day the holiday is booked.

1.     A) day                        B) experience            C) experiment           D) suggestion

2.     A) of                           B) a                           C) in                         D) the

3.     A) presents                 B) comes                  C) passes                  D) appears

4.     A) approximate          B) absolute                C) available              D) additional

5.     A) picked                   B) selected                 C) chosen                D) lifted

6.     A) carriage                 B) transport               C) porter                  D) carrier

7.     A) each                      B) every                     C) one                     D) single

8.     A) sight                      B) look                       C) air                       D) face

9.     A) allowing                 B) approving              C) agreeing               D) according

10.  A) compared              B) composed              C) rivaled                D) resembled 

11.  A) restricts                 B) limits                     C) narrows               D) tightens

12.  A) depart                   B) eliminate                C) dispose               D) rid

13.  A) rest                       B) remain                   C) reside                  D) leave

14.  A) forms                    B) fits                         C) takes                   D) makes

15.  A) arrived                  B) received                 C) ended                  D) reached

16.  A) relief                     B) breath                    C) help                     D) rescue