Mobile phone

Hello! I’m Jeff. I want to write about my mobile phone. I got it from my grandparents for my birthday one year ago. I like it very much and I use it very often. I think it’s sometimes good to have it in my bag.

I always keep it in my bag or in my pocket because isn’t very big. Therefore my parents and my friends can always telephone me. It’s got a calculator in it so I sometimes use it at school. It’s also a kind of information file. I can use my mobile phone to connect to the Internet and look through the news or read emails. Isn’t it fantastic?

In the summer I was on a hiking holiday with my friend. We went hiking but the weather wasn’t good. It was cold and windy. It started to rain and it got dark. Suddenly my friend fell and he broke his leg. At first I didn’t know what to do but then I thought about my phone. It was in my rucksack so I telephoned for help. After fifteen minutes a doctor arrived.

Sometimes people are not keen on mobile phones. They are a real problem because they always ring at the wrong moment. I’m not crazy about my mobile phone but I feel safe when I have it with me.



Mark the sentences TRUE or FALSE

1.      Jeff writes about mobile phone.                                                              …………

2.      His parents bought him the mobile.                                                        …………

3.      He got mobile for his birthday.                                                              …………

4.      Jeff’s mobile is very big.                                                                        …………

5.      There isn’t a calculator in his mobile.                                                     …………

6.      Jeff can contact to the Internet with his mobile.                                                …………

7.      Jeff sometimes plays games on his mobile.                                            …………

8.      Jeff can read mails on his mobile.                                                           …………

Answer the Questions

1.      Who bought Jeff a mobile phone?

2.      Where does Jeff keep his mobile phone?

3.      When he use the mobile as a calculator?

4.      When was he on a hiking holiday?

5.      Who broke leg on hiking trip?


Complete the sentences

1.      Jeff’s parents and friends can always ___________ him.

2.      His mobile phone is also a kind of _________________ .

3.      On the hiking holiday after the accident Jeff phoned for __________.

4.      Sometimes people are not ________________mobile phones.

5.      Jeff can feel ________________ when he has his mobile phone with him.




Mark the sentences TRUE or FALSE

1.            TRUE

2.            FALSE

3.            TRUE

4.            FALSE

5.            FALSE

6.            TRUE

7.            FALSE

8.            TRUE

Answer the Questions

1.            his grandparents

2.           in his bag

3.            in school

4.            in the summer

5.            his friend

Complete the sentences

1.      phone

2.      information file

3.      help

4.      keen on

5.      safe


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