Vypracoval: Boris Vavrík

The city Rimavská Sobota and its district is situated on the south of Slovakia, in the mountains Slovenské Rudohorie, in the Rimava River valley surrounded by the protected landscape area Cerová Vrchovina and the Natural Park Muránska Planina. Rimavská Sobota is a district town. Over 20 000 inhabitants live in the city itself. The industrial base of the town consists mainly of foodstuff plants, construction and machine companies. The education in Rimavská Sobota is provided by six nursery schools, seven elementary schools and secondary schools such as Comprehensive school, Comercial Academy, Vocational schools. In Rimavská Sobota you can find the Roman/Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist, the Reformed Church, the Lutheran Church. Rimavská Sobota is a birthplace of several important personalities, a poet Mihály Tompa, a sculptor Štefan Ferenczy, a botanist Aladár Richter, a journalist Libuša Mináčová. The writer Janko Jesenský worked as a district administrator here. The Town Gallery presents contemporary art in its exhibition and also in the square during summer. In the town there are the Women's choir, folk ensembles Rimavan, Háj. You can find there sports clubs of such as sports like football, hockey, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, judo and riding. The reservoir Teplý Vrch, with highest water temperatures in Slovakia, offers you an accommodation and meals in the recreational facilities Ormet and Drienok. Every year in Rimavská Sobota takes place Gemer-Malohont markets along the Malohont street and Letavy what is a summer camp for artists. The town I live in is a small town, but we have there everything we need: a hospital, primary schools, high schools, a cinema, a library, a museum, post offices, beauticians, banks, take-away restaurant, restaurants, town council building, hypermarkets, a market and so. There is a shopping centre near Hypernova, which we call Family center. There you can find chemist´s, you can get there toiletries, supplies, cosmetics.

Slovakia lies in the heart of Europe covering an area over 49 000 square kilometres. In the west borders the Czech republic, in the south Austria and Hungary, in the north Poland and in the east Ukraine. The capital city is Bratislava, situated on the west. Slovakia has big mountains and beautiful valleys with clean streams. The highest place in Slovakia is Gerlach in the High Tatras, it has 2655 m. There are over 2200 caves, 1300 mineral springs, 23 spas and 5 national parks in Slovakia. Slovakia has a population of about 5,3 million people. The official language is Slovak. Slovakia has a mild climate with hot summers and cold winters. A head of the state is a president. Slovak economy consists of industry and agriculture. We export mostly industry products and import raw materials and food. Tradition in Slovakia is welcoming foreigners with bread and salt.

Typical Slovak food is „halušky“ (potatoe dumplings).