My hero is Harry Potter . Harry Potter is fictional character . Harry Potter is known from the book that was about it.He was main hero of the book. Books written about him a great writer J. K. Rowling. Who is Harry Potter ? Harry Potter is boy.He was born on 31 July (Year, was never placed). His parents died. Names Harry´s parents was Lilly and James .Harry was an orphan. He was one year old when when it happened. Looks like it's normal, but his parents was wizards.And Harry Potter is wizards too. His parents killed Voldemort's dark magician. He want killed Harry ,too. He was near a death but his mother saved him and she died. Has since been at the forefront a scar. He lived ten years at aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon with cousin Dudley. This years was very bad because aunt Petunia with Vernon hate wizards and He tortured Harry. When Harry was eleven years old he get letter from Dumbledore . Dumbledore was Director of Secondary School Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. He wanted to take Harry to his school. Harry agreed . He started go to Hogwarts school. Harry where he found new best friends. Their names was Hermiona Granger and Ronald Weasley.Harry loved this school . There had friends and He did what he enjoyed.He learned conjure, done a lot of potion and other magic things. His favouritte teacher was Albus Dumbledore. He hated potion teacher Severus Snape. He and his friends were in the Faculty of Gryffindor. Him still missed parents.His friends Hermiona and Ron was very good and They can help for Harry. Harry was like his father Quidditch player. He was the best Quidditch player. As the year running. Harry knew that Voldemort can kill him. Voldemort can killed Harry when he liitle, but when survived and took Voldemort all power for life. Harry knew that he or Voldemort must died. As Harry was grown . He and his friends they intended to fight Voldemort. And one day the fighting started at Hogwarts. Harry feel danger and chance kill Voldemort. Many people died in the war even Ron´s brother. But then Harry met with Voldemort and killed him. There was peace. Harry has lived peacefully and without fear. Everyone treated Harry Potter as a hero who killed dark wizards.He married with Ron´s sister Ginny and They was three children . Their names was Albus Severus , Games and Lilly. His friends Ron and Hermiona married too . They was three children too . He had Rose, Hugo and Lilly. Harry is my hero because he is very brave . Although he is only a character from the book he is my hero. I readed all seven book about him. Since then, he my hero. Harry Potter knows every one. Also it is my hero . Harry Potter is boy that prove lived without parents and he proved killed your enemy. His character in book is very moody. Book about Harry Potter are also in the film form. Harry Potter plays Daniel Radcliffe. I saw it films. It is my hero because he is very amzing character . I know that his character is unreally but . I therefore also consider a hero.