It is on the second Sunday in May.


Labour Day

In the USA, it is on 1st Monday in September. In Slovakia , it is on 1st May. In both countries it is a day of rest.



All Fools´ Day in Sk, GB

It is on 1st April. People play jokes and tricks on people and shout „April Fool“.




Santa Claus with his long white beard and moustaches, white overcoat and crooked staff is accompanied by an winged angel and horned devil.

Devil gives naughty children a spanking with his broom and rattles his chains at them.

Each nation keeps its own customs and traditions. Everyone finds Christmas a holiday of calm and peace. Shops are overfilled with people trying to find the most suitable gifts for their relatives and acquaitances.

Advent – 4 weeks before Christmas Eve

Copper Sunday – 4th Sunday before Christmas Eve

Bronze Sunday – 3rd Sunday before Christmas Eve

Silver Sunday – 2nd Sunday before Christmas Eve

Golden Sunday – 1st Sunday before Christmas Eve

Christmas tree: a pine, a spruce, a fir

Huge quantity of young trees are cut down to be put in our livingroom for a week and then simply thrown away. To protect enviroment it is better to buy a nice artificial Christmas tree made so perfectly that it is almost indistinguishable from a true one. It can be decorated by colourful glass balls, lights, candy canes, sweets, candles, sparklers, silver and golden festoons, baubles tinsel.

Homes are decorated with holly, ivy and mistletoe and filled nwth the aroma of freshly-baked Christmas sweets including vanilla rolls, sweets with nuts, almonds, peanuts, coconuts, raisins, chocolate.....

Plates are pilled with various kinds of delicious fruit:apples, oranges, bananas, tangerines, dates, figs, pineapples ...

Christmas Eve dinner (supper): slices of the apple, waffles with honey and garlic, walnuts; fish/cabbage soup, fried carp/fish filets with potato salad ...

Christmas carols are sung.

Customs related to Christmas Eve: pouring of lead, from which we see the future for the next year, cutting of the apple, sending of walnuts shells on the water....At midnight both believers and unbelievers go to Midnight Church Service/Mass.

New Year´s Eve (31st December) – the end of old and beginning of the new year

New Year´s Day (1st January)



Christmas in GB and the USA

On Christmas Eve 24th December, homes are decorated with holly, ivy and mistletoe, Christmas tree and lights. Children hang their stockings at the foot of the bed for Santa Claus to fill them. A lot of people spend this day shopping and there are „office parties“.

On Christmas Day 25th December, children unwrap their presents. Christmas dinner consists of filled turkey or duck and Christmas pudding.

26th December is called Boxing Day. In earlier times people gave money to postmen, milkmen, dustmen which they collected in their Christmas boxes.

On the New Year´s Eve people stay up till midnight to welcome New Year.


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