Vypracovala: Mgr. Katarína Šovčíková

  • includes people from different cultures, race, nationalities, language, beliefs, customs. This is how people are divided and they live in one community.

Advantages: people learn a lot about other cultures, languages, traditions, art, music, literature

Disadvantages: it can divide the society, discrimination, prejudice, ...

Cosmopolitan city – is a city where people of different cultures live.

Countries differ in some fests and public holidays.

Easter in Slovakia

The English word „Easter“ comes from the name of a pagen goddess of springtime „Eostre“. Her special animal was hare (rabbit). Easter originally existed as a celebration of spring and fertility. It celebrates nature cominig back to life after cold long winter. Beating girls and throwing water or perfume over them were traditions originally connected with fertility. Easter has its religious importance. It is the time of year when people commemorate the crusifiction and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The period of 40 days before Easter is called Lent. During thies period Christians do not eat meat or drink alcohol. At the end of Lent people in our country do amazing things. Boys beat girls with willow canes and throw cold water over them. The girls, in return, give the boys painted eggs. The boys are also served with cakes and alcohol. A traditional Easter food in Slovakia is ham and potato salad. On Good Friday and Easter Monday people do not go to work or school.

Eggs are symbols of spring and new life.


Easter in Britain and America

People celebrate the idea of new birth by giving chocolate eggs which are eaten on Easter Sunday. On Good Friday bakers sell hot cross-buns and they are traditionally eaten for breakfast. Good Friday and Easter Monday are official holidays. On Easter Sunday children hunt for painted eggs all over the house and garden. This tradition comes from legend that Easter rabbits bring eggs: one woman dyed some eggs during famine and hid them in the nest as a gift for her children. The children found the nest and there was a rabbit which escaped. So they thought that rabbit brought the eggs.



St. Valentine´s Day in Sk, GB, the USA

It is on 14th February. It is the lovers´ day. On this day people send Valentine cards to a person they love, usually anonymously.



Halloween in GB, the USA

It is on 31st October. Hundreds of years ago people believed that bad spirits, like ghosts came in the winter. People made fires outside and curved out pumpkins to scare bad spirits.

Now children dress up like witches and ghosts and go to the houses around where they live. They knock the door and ask: „Trick or treat?“ maening „if you don´t give me a treat I´ll trick you“.

People decorate their houses with pumpkins and decorations which are usually black and orange.



Thanksgiving Day in the USA

It is on the fourth Thursday in November. It is celebrated in the whole of the USA in order to commemorate the arrival of a small group on new colonists. They were also called Pilgrim Fathers. They called their new home New England. But the Indians were there first. The first winter was difficult. A lot of Pilgrims died. In the spring Indians help them to grow food and in the autumn they celebrated first harvest. The Pilgrims wanted to give thanks and invited Indians for dinner.

Now Americans have roast turkey and vegetables for dinner.



Independence Day in the USA

It is on 4th July. This day commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence and establishing the USA. This day usually ends with fireworks.



Mother´s Day in Sk, GB, the USA