Vypracoval: Boris Vavrík



Mass media are a modern instrument of communication, which can mediate and broadcast information. Mass media have 3 general functions: to inform, teach and entertain us. Information is very important for our ordinary live. The biggest and the most important sources of information are mass media, what are newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, internet. In these media you can find almost everything you want.


Newspaper - the most common source of information. They are published every day. The most popular British newspaper are The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Mail. The serious newspaper in Britain is called The Times. In Slovakia we have only a few serious newspaper. For example Pravda or Sme. These newspaper is about home news, foreign news, politics, sports. We can find different sorts of articles in a newspaper: about economics, politics, social life, sports, editorials, reviews, international/domestic news, cartoons, business news.


Magazines - are published once a week or month and bring international and national news, various articles and stories. Typical for magazines are pictures and short articles about celebrities and their scandals. The popular magazines in Slovakia are Život, Star, Eva, Emma, Slovenka. There are weekly and monthly magazines. The articles are not very long and not very serious. They have also sport selections, a lot of information about TV programmes, advertisements, pop stars. Journals are serious magazines focused on a particular subject written by experts in that subject.


Radio – a lot of people like listening to the radio. It is the biggest source of information in audio form. In radio are a few redactors who report to the people the latest news and they complete it with good selection of music. For example at work you can have radio on and listen to it just as a background. You don’t feel so alone, it makes you a good mood and during news you receive new facts from the world. In Slovakia we have almost 20 radios. There are different kinds of radios: private independent radios, local radios, state radios.

TV – it is an audio-visual form of the latest news and different types of programmes which we can see on the screen. In GB there are four channels: BBC 1, BBC 2, I TV, Channel 4. In TV you can watch discussion programmes, soap operas, quiz shows, reality shows, live sports coverage, documentary films, lively debates. There are many channels, you can turn over them.


Internet – on this World Wide Web we can find almost everything we want. Internet is actually the summary of all mass media. We can find there the weather forecast, home and foreig news, sport, information about celebries. But the internet can be dangerous, especially for the children or teenagers because they can find there pages with wrong information. These pages are not enough secured and everyone can see their contents.


In my opinion without mass media we cannot live, because we are very interested in various information. Nowadays we live in technical era. We have never had so much information before, which are produced, used and communicated so quickly and efficiently. Technologies, which were only a few years ago absolute news are nowadays no more in. It is for example classical computer set, fixed telephone, video or cassette recorder. Now we use for the same reason notebook, mobile phone, DVDs and mp3 players or I-pot.