Sports: football, basketball, ice hockey
Tourism: go shopping, go on festivals, go to Hollywood

Museum of Neon Art:
In museum of Neon Art are exhibitions and curiosity, through preservation, collection and interpretation of neon art.

Lot of fabulous shops and shopping centers you can find in Downtown and in Beverly Hills. In Sunset Plaza (West Hollywood) are specialized shops, in Melrose are the hottest designer´s trends. Other fabulous shops are e.g.: Little Tokyo, Olvera Street, Fashion District…

Center of filmography and fun. There are produce lot of films, made in USA. Lot of film stars live in Hollywood.

Los Angeles is a big city located in California, in USA. L.A. is the biggest city of California. It has population over 3,8 mil. people. It was registered like city autonomy in 1850. You can visit there: Angel´s flight, Museum of Neon Art, LA ZOO, inscription HOLLYWOOD, Getty center, Beverly Hills… It´s landscape consist of beaches, dunes, mountains and rivers. In LA are football basketball and hockey very famous. When you are in LA, you can go shopping, go on festivals or go to famous Hollywood.