Dear Amy,

Finally I am in Netherlands. We had little problems at the airport because Lilly forgot her bags in a taxi. The driver was looking for us, luckily.  He found us, gave Lilly her things and we could board a plane. When we get to Amsterdam it was raining, so we rushed to our dormitory.

Our school is really cool. “Gerrid Riedveld Academie” is named in the memory of the famous furniture designer Gerrid Riedveld. I decided to study a design as well as Lilly did. It was my dream, remember?  I am glad I got in here. We have wonderful teacher Mrs. Snejder. She is very nice, but strict too. After school Mrs. Snejder took us to the city. We saw the sights and met Dutch football player - Arjen Robben.

Oh, and I have also found new friends. Katie Sand from Wales and  Marina Sarnowska from Poland. They are great and very talented. Katie studies art. She showed me a portrait of her mum, which she painted by herself. It was awesome! Marina studies design with us. She is a little theatrical and Lilly doesn´t like her, but I don´t mind. I think she is a really good friend.

Okay, I have to go, because the boys from our class invited us to a concert and I have to go with Lilly to hairdresser´s. I´ll call you tomorrow. Bye J