Dear Michal,

Hi! How`s it going? Thanks for your postcard from Spain. I hope you had a very good time. Tomorrow school starts so that was nice end of the holiday. Yes, school! That`ll be horrible! But, fortunately, we`ve got some school and afterschool activities.

I think that our school is quite good. Mostly we`ve got young teachers and I see that they love their job and that`s admirable! Yes, admirable, coz we aren`t angels. This is a private school so there`re nice relationships between teachers and students.

Our teachers make many school and afterschool activities for us. For example we`ve got many competitions and Young Press Agency was really good idea. Every year we go to a camp with schoolmates, too. That`s a really nice habit. I was there every year and I think that this is nice end of the termtime.

Ok! I`d better go coz I`ve got some homework and test tomorrow. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

All the best