How to lead a healthy life>


1.     Exercise

If you go to a gym regularly, play tennis, ride a bike, ski, or do any sport, you will stay healthy for longer. Movement is life. Don´t forget about dancing. Dancing is not only fun and a great way to socialise and make new friends; it´s also a good way to stay physically fit. Moreover, it will change the way you stand and make you look more attractive.

2.     Eat a variety of food

Fish, chicken, red meat and beans are good sources of protein. Fruits and vegetable are high in vitamins and minerals. Experts suggest teens should have four servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables each day. Don´t forget the old English saying „An apple a day keeps the doctor away.“

3.     Cut down on processed food and stop eating junk food

What´s junk food? Any food with a high amount of fat, salt and sugar. If you eat salted snacks, chips, hamburgers and hotdogs in places like McDonald´s, don´t be surprised if one day you have a stomach ache. Moreover, eating junk food is the easiest way to become fat and depressed. If you drink a lot of lemonade, eat sweets and ice-cream, the dentist is happily waiting for your money. Can´t you find a better way to spend it?

4.     Choose water as a drink

Scientists say water makes up a big part of our body – more than 60%. We need water to be healthy. Water does wonders for our bodies. It takes away waste and carries oxygen and minerals around. Doctors recommend drinking about two litres of water every day.

5.     Watch your weight but don´t go crazy

A healthy life>

6.     Never start smoking (If you smoke – give it up)

Smoking can damage your heart, lungs and legs. It also makes you look ugly as sooner or later smokers have bad skin and yellow teeth. As a price of a packet of cigarettes gets higher, this bad habit turns into an expensive one. Not only that, it´s just not cool at all with young people in many civilised countries! And it´s so easy to give up. Have you ever tried it with the help of the book Easy way to stop smoking? You haven´t ? Try it and you´ll definitely win against your bad habit.

7.     Live a life with purpose

Think positively, spend time with friends, have a hobby, enjoy what you are doing. Mental health is the key to a healthy life>    

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