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Almost half of all British families own the houses in which they live.There are several types of houses in Britain:

  • A terraced housebuilt in a row

  • A semi-detached housetwo houses joined together by one common wall

  • A detached house – stands by itself

  • A bungalow – a one-storey house

  • A cottage – small village house


Some people live in flats. A flat is situated on one floor and may be large or it may have also one room with a kitchen and bathroom. A typical British house has a garden and a storage space downstairs. A garage is attached to the house. Upstairs there is one big bedroom with bathroom and smaller bedrooms, a bathroom with a lavatory. British are fond of gardening. A beautiful well-kept lawn is a pride of every British family.


Living conditions of American people depend much on the amount of money they have. Many wealthy people have very large houses with many rooms, tennis courts and swimming pools. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are homeless as well. Homelessness is a big social problem in the USA. The standard of living is generally very high, an average American family can live comfortably. In the centre of big American cities people live in apartments (like flats) situated in large apartment buildings, which are owned by big companies or private owners.The majority of Americans live in individual, single-family houses. Each child has own room. An average American family has more than one car. Young members of the family may have their own car as well.


People in Slovakia live mostly in a block of flats, some people live in family houses. Most common flat has two or three rooms, a living room with a balcony, a hall, a kitchen and a bathroom with a toilet. A typical house in Slovakia has two floors. On the ground floor there is usually a hall, a small bathroom, a living room, a kitchen with a larder. On the first floor there are mostly only bedrooms and a bathroom with a toilet. In Slovakia was common for people to live in a large house with their parents or parents-in-law. It was generally in the past, but many people live that nowadays as well. These houses have sometimes even three floors.


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