Raising Health Care Awareness


More and more people today seem to realise that good health means a longer and happier life. Therefore, they take better care of their health than before. They eat healthier food, practise different kinds of sports and try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible. We need to be in good shape and also to have good mental health to be able to work and enjoy our lives. Doctors often stress that mental health influences our physical condition. Problems with digestion, ulcers, or migraines can be the results of mental problems such as depression, fear, or anger. Bad eating habits, lack of physical activities, sedentary work, stress – all these factors cause serious diseases. It is not difficult to have a healthy, strong and beautiful body if you live in a developed country with good health care. However, in Third World countries, too many people are still starving and epidemics of plague, cholera, typhus and malaria are a part of everyday life. Every year, many people worldwide become victims of various accidents. Most accidents happen on the road and many at work.



In A Doctor´s Surgery


When we are ill, we usually see a doctor, called GP (general practicioner). Sometimes we need to have an appointment with a specialist. The doctor examines our body, asks what symptoms we have and usually prescribes some medication, antibiotics, painkillers, or vitamins, which are usually available on presciption in a pharmacy. When the illnes is too serious to be treated at home, the patient is taken to hospital and sometimes even undergoes surgery. People who are employed pay their health insurance monthly. When they want extra care, or extra treatment, they have to pay extra costs. Some people decide to go to a private health care establishment, usually for surgery, delivery, or dental care.



Diseases And Treatments