Vypracovala: PaedDr. Ivana Dulová


 People are different. They live in different countries which influence their food. People who live in colder countries eat more fatty products which give them energy. People who live in hot countries eat fruit and vegetables because they need enough energy and liquids.

The English normally begin the day with a cup of tea and then they have breakfast. The traditional English breakfast consists of cereals with milk or cream and sugar. Some people prefer fried bacon and eggs or sausages with fried tomatoes. Then they have a cup of tea again and finish with toast and marmelade. But nowadays more and more people prefer lighter meal for breakfast. Later in the morning the English people have another cup of tea and some biscuits.

The English lunch is a light meal consisting of soup and a dessert, or ham and cheese sandwich, some fruit, pudding and ice cream.

In the afternoon the English have teatime again. They meet friends and have a tea party. They eat thin slices of bread with cheese and some fish and vegetables.

Dinner is the main mail of the day. It is served at about 6 o´clock. The meal consists of soup and fish and chips which is considered to be typically British. Then later in the evening around 10 o´clock it is time for light supper.

We have different eating habits. Some of us prefer eating in the morning, others in the evening. Some people feel sleepy when they eat in the morning, some of them when they eat in the evening. But we have to take into account that it is very important to have breakfast.

Eating habits are influenced by our work, life>

Many people living on their own prefer convenience food. It is food that is easy to prepare for example tinned or frozen food.

At work some people have sandwich and instant soup. Others have their meals in the restaurant or go to a fast food place.

Each country has a traditional meal. Fish and chips are typically British. Pasta and pizza are considered typically Italian. Typical Slovak food is “bryndzové halušky”. It is a kind of food prepared from potatoes and flour.

Recently there have been great improvement in eating habits. People think that too much fat can cause diseases and fatty products are on decline. Some people do not eat meat. They are called vegetarians. They eat only vegetables, fruit and eggs, some of them eat fish. Some of them are vegetarians because they like animals and they think it is cruel to kill them. Vegans don´t eat meat and fish but they also don´t eat any animal products at all, e.g. eggs, cheese and milk.


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