The stairs would be wooden, and on the walls along the stairs would be a library with many books and cds and dvds. /You can see these book-shelves in a bookshop called Christiania in Poprad/

The upstairs would have /if we have 4 children/ the least three bedrooms plus a workroom and of course a bathroom.

The chidren´s rooms would look like according of sex our children. But in my view the children´s rooms would be furnished with wooden and natural furniture, in natural colours /AmE color/, the rooms would have coloured walls, it means not white /because white colour is classic, and it does not look cheerful/. Children would make their own decorations, for example: a rim for a photo, or some bracelet on hand, decorated T-shirts and work with paper, leaves, cardboard, stones, conkers for making decorations in our house.

There would be of course a wardrobe, next  to the bed a dressing table with reading lamp, chest of drawers, writing desk with chairs, and floor would be from wood with a hairy carpet.

Our bedroom would have a nice large bed with dressing tables, chest of drawers and table mirror, there would be curtains and a wardrobe. Floor would be wooden with a carpet.

The bathroom would have a bath and shower, washbasin, shelves full of towels, and bath towels. The colour of bathroom might be dark blue, or dark green.

The workroom would be furnished according to my husband.

All rooms would be furnished tastefully and comfortable as well.