I would like to present you my dream house, some details of it, and everything what is connected with it.

So, I would start with type of a dwelling, where I would like to live.

In my view, I would like to live somewhere here, near my parents and near Poprad, the closest town to me. But I am not sure, where I would live, if I marry my boyfriend, because he comes from Kováčová, near the town – Zvolen

I would like to live in a flat /AmE an apartment/, I think, the flat would have about two rooms, with a kitchen and a bathroom, I think, this flat would be enough for me and my boyfriend as a start into a real life.

Later when we will have a child, or children, I would like to move to house, suburb or to countryside, but near the town.

In my opinion, type of my dream house could be detachted house, with a small garden and terrace. The house would have a groundfloor and first floor and attic. The house would have a big living room connected with kitchen, the interior would be from wood and natural.

I imagine nice, homely /AmE homey/ and warm kitchen with a built-in cupboard, electric stove with lot of coloured cups, saucers, plates, bowls and crockery, and I would like to have coffemaker. The kitchen would have stone pavement and a hairy carpet.

The kitchen would be a place, where would my family solve the problems and spend most of the time together.

The living room would have a big corner couch with pillows, it means seat cushion, and tea-table, with a little library, the TV set with wireless set and many photos of our family and friends on the walls. There would be a fireplace and in front of the fireplace two big uphostered armchairs with skep of wood.. A floor near the fireplace would be stone, and the rest of the floor would be wooden.