1. Comparatives compare thing, person, or action with another.

She´s taller than me.

New York is more expensive than  Bratislava.



2. Superlatives compare somebody or something with the whole group.

She´s the tallest in the class.

It´s the most expensive watch in the world.



3. As......As shows that something is the same or equal.


Jane´s as tall as Kate.

I´m as happy as you are.



4. Not as/so ....... as shows that something isn´t the same or equal.


She isn´t as pretty as her mother.

Your TV set wasn´t so expensive as mine.



1. In one syllable adjectives, we add to the end of the adjective –er  in the comparative form and –est in the superlative form. If the adjective ends with –er we add –r in the comparative form and –st in the superlative form. For short adjectives with a pattern vowel-consonant-vowel, we double the last consonant.


cheap - cheaper - the cheapest

nice - nicer - the nicest

hot - hotter - the hottest



2. In two or more syllable adjectives, we add more before the adjective in the comparative form and we add the most before the adjective in the superlative form.

careful - more careful - the most careful

boring - more boring - the most boring

expensive - more expensive - the most expensive



3. In adjectives that end in –y, we change –y to –i and add –er in the comparative form and –st in the superlative form.


funny - funnier - the funniest

early - earlier - the earliest

friendly - friendlier - the friendliest



4. Irregular adjectives


far - further - the furthest

good - better - the best

bad - worse - the worst



Than is often used after a comparative adjective.

Barbara is younger than me. Barbara is more inteligent than Sarah.



The is used before superlative adjectives.

She is the funniest girl in the class. Which is the tallest building in the world?




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