England is divided into four major parts: Southern England, "The Heart of England" (Heart of England) North East of England and the country. Tourists offers majestic plains, rocky hills, grassy pastures typical bujnejúce and marshes and broad sandy beaches. History lovers and a relaxed atmosphere headed for one of university towns, regional centers, with its magnificent cathedrals, or the romantic fishing villages on the seashore. SOUTH ENGLAND Southern England is a "country of heritage" and hrabstvám Kent, Surrey and East and West Sussex are often referred to as "Garden of England". You will find many castles with beautiful gardens, university town of Oxford and the famous Stonehenge. Southern England but is also a paradise for people who love to be issued in the footsteps of famous writers and characters of their books. In these places were Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie and Jane Austen - Select in the "1066 Country" or "The English Riviera (Torquay cities, Paignton and Brixham). The most famous tourist attraction in southern England is a cluster of huge rocks created by human hand Stonehenge (Wiltshire hrabstvo). But wait there any whiff of romance and ancient times - the place is very popular with tourists from around the world, which required a tax in the form of limited access to the monument, the neighborhood is fully adapted to exploit the attractions. The city of Southampton in Hampshire hrabstve ferry transports you to a remarkable island of Isle of Wight, in Portsmouth neobíďte Navy Museum - a guide takes you to the ship of Admiral Nelson. For more information, visit the southeast of England and southwest England. HEART OF ENGLAND We lived Shakespeare - Stratford in the town of Avon will find the house where he worked, Shakespeare Theatre, the famous medieval castle and the tomb. Shakespeare, however, the calculation of the celebrities ends - is certainly no less famous Robin Hood, who lived in Sherwoodskom Forest in Nottinghamshire (started here and ended the English Civil War). Finally, the third well-known personality - the same as hrabstve Robin Hood lived in the town of Princess Diana and Althorp. Location will certainly not chosen by chance - a country with large corrugated open spaces explicitly calls for long walks and hiking. An ideal place for hiking is an easy and Derbyshire, the candidates headed for the history of Worcester, the city cathedral. Greater Birmingham is a transport hub and is one of two places in England, with international flights (apart from London). As in any large city, and here you can enjoy your fill nightlife, clubs, music, and many cultural events, a world-renowned Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Birmingham Royal Ballet. Wealthier tourists often headed for the famous jewelery shops (Jewelry Quarter). In hrabstvách Herefordshire and Shropshire, see the special black and white Tudor architecture and a pleasant medieval towns. EAST OF ENGLAND In Cambridgeshire you can visit the famous university city of Cambridge, the city of Peterborough and Ely cathedrals, look at the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell (Huntingdon), or view the Imperial War Museum in Duxforde. In Norfolk you will find pleasant villages, thriving market towns, glorious gardens and beaches and a wide network of water channels along which you can choose to go by boat. The oldest town in England is located in Colchester Exxexe and founded by the Romans in the vicinity are also other historical towns such as Saffron Walden. Harwich Port is a major transport hub for transport to the Netherlands, a ship run away into the North Sea. In Essex, Stansted is situated in the city and the third London airport. North of England Region is dominated by Victorian Manchester and Liverpool city full of impressive old architecture and modern museums and galleries and vibrant intense day and night life. In Liverpool, the industrial revolution was born, the first passenger train and Rolls Royce, but his visit will certainly miss mainly Magical Mystery Tour - tour "monuments" to the group The Beatles. But do not make a mistake or visit the Maritime Museum, or if just walk the renovated waterfront. The famous Isle of Man, which lies in the Irish Sea on a line between Liverpool and Belfast, you will find beautiful nature (five national parks) and many traces of a rich history stretching from the Vikings through the Middle Ages until today. Natural beauty is famous as The Lake District (Cumbria) area with sixteen large lakes and waterfalls in the rocky mountains impressive. The historic city of York (Yorkshire hrabstvo) is noteworthy because of the medieval city walls, the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe, narrow streets and crowded shops and restaurants with unique atmosphere. In the city of Carlisle to the border with Scotland residues Hadriánovho Wall, the Romans who built and runs across England from coast to coast - Carlisle, however, also boasts a majestic castle and cathedral.